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Reply with this quote Reply to this Post Posted:  Jan 12, 2007 5:08 PM
In order to accomplish this, you have to size and position a DIV with a transparent gif overtop of your friends list, which isn't the simplest thing to do, but if you follow this step by step guide, I'll attempt to walk you thru it.

Step 1

Put the following at the TOP of your MEET section:

.a {this positions the div}
.CoverFriends {position:absolute; left:50%; top:1000px; margin-left:100px; z-index:9;}
.a {this sizes the div}
.CoverFriends img {width:400px; height:300px;}
.a {this is the line to remove when you are done}
.CoverFriends {border:1px solid; border-color:yellow;}
<div class="CoverFriends">
<img src="">

That will put a randomly placed yellow square on your page. Confirm that you have this yellow square on your page before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2

Next, we position the DIV by adjusting the values for TOP and MARGIN-LEFT in the blue line of code. Adjust the TOP number until it lines up with the TOP of your friends list. Once you have TOP set correctly, adjust MARGIN-LEFT to move the DIV left and right. It may take several attempts at doing this in order to get it positioned correctly.

Step 3

Next, we size the DIV by adjusting the values for WIDTH and HEIGHT in the green line of code so that the yellow box is covering only what you want "unclickable". This is fairly straight forward, but still may take you a few tries before you get it just right.

Step 4

The fourth and final step is the easiest one. Simply remove the part of the code that is highlighted red, and you are done! :)

A New Alternative

there is another option - make a screenshot of your friends list, and then get a URL for it and use a code like this

table.friendSpace td.text table table {visibility:hidden;}
table.friendSpace td.text table {background-image:url(URL); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:center middle; brax:090408;}

it's a little tricky to get working too, but much easier than positioning a div if you arent familiar with that already

you will also need to know how to use a paint program to crop the screenshot image

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