How to Use Style Tags

If you are reading this, then you must have been given some wierd code like

table table table {background-color:blue;}

you pasted it into your profile and "it didnt work", right?

that's because CSS code like that requires style tags to work.... so you now have 2 options.... you could be lazy and do this with it

table table table {background-color:blue;}

or you could do it a much better way by simply adding that CSS code to a set of style tags that are already in your profile..... what's the best way to do that?

find one of these in your existing code


and put it on a line RIGHT BEFORE THAT... that way you wont have a million sets of style tags in your profile.... you dont want a million set of style tags in your profile because then your page takes forever to load....

You may also find it interesting that anyone on myspace can see anything you "hide" in your profile... like your friends and comments.... hiding things on myspace is only cosmetic... Read this to know how to View Hidden Things on Myspace

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