Myspace Background Styles

• Type 1 : Background Image on sides only

• Type 2 : Background on sides and top only

• Type 3 : Background Image covering whole page

• Type 4 : Background Image covering middle of page only

• Type 5 : Background Image covering default sections and titles for the sections

• Type 6 : DOUBLE Background Images

• Type 7 : TRIPLE Background Images

Background Tips

Choosing a Background Image

Making Repeatable Backgrounds
Using Photoshop Patterns
Environmental Sketch Tutorial

Random Image Wizard

Tiled Background Images
Creating Fun Images
Creating Fun Myspace Group
Reflecting Water Gif
Easy GIF Effects
Belladonnas Dark Graphics
Red Dragons Designs

Where/How to Find Background Images

Beach Backgrounds using Google Images
Beach Backgrounds using Photobucket
Beach Backgrounds using Tinypic
Beach Backgrounds using DeviantArt

note: make sure to download the image to your computer and then host it yourself (get a new URL for it) so that you arent hotlinking, and so that you are the only one using that URL - which will save you on bandwidth.

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