Myspace - Hiding SOME/ALL Comments on Myspace

Hiding SOME/ALL Comments on Myspace

Hide Parts of your Comments INTERACTIVELY Using the Myspace Katamari Section Manager

Updated:  Feb 10, 2008 11:28 PM

Viewing Hidden Comments

Hiding things on myspace is only cosmetic. Anyone can still just disable your styles and see anything that you have hidden unless your page is set to private, then only your friends can. If you would like to learn how to view the things that people on myspace hide, Use Firefox

Hide ALL of your Comments

If you want to completely hide your comments, use this

Hide only SOME of your Comments

Adjust the height in the code if you want only a certain number of comments to show.

place this code at the very end of your MEET section, and then adjust the HEIGHT number in the code to show however many you want to show

Hide Who Left the Comment

If you want to hide the image/link of who left you each comment, you can use this: is in no way affiliated with
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