About Hiding the Myspace Advertising

You cannot remove them from your profile. Myspace will delete your profile if you use code that removes them, but there's a much better solution anyways.

STOP USING Internet Explorer!

Step 1: Install Firefox
Step 2: Run firefox, and go here to install Adblock Plus
Step 3: Restart Firefox, and you should be prompted to subscribe to an AD list, select the top one.

Then, in the future, if you see an ad that makes it onto your screen, right click on the ad and select "Adblock Image"

that SHOULD make it so you will never see that ad again.

IE users:
if you can't part with that POS browser then do this:
• open up your internet options (under "tools")

• click the "security" tab
• click on the "restriced Sites" icon
• click the "sites" button below

• now add the following to your restricted sites:

• Close and Ok.

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