This page explains the reason why
using Firefox on myspace is advantagous to you.

Reason #1:

You know how people have their friends and comments "hidden"? Well, If you are using Firefox, you can easily disable all of the STYLES they have in their page and view those "hidden" things. Lots of people dont realize that hiding things on myspace is only cosmetic, and that other people can still see the things that they hide.

Reason #2:

There are hackers all over the internet, as I'm sure doesnt suprise you at all. They often write little exploits to either add things to your account, or to gain complete access to it. Many of these exploits only affect Microsoft Internet Explorer, because of all the extra things that IE has built in, like Active-X controls. Firefox doesnt support these things, so you can worry less about your account being messed with.

Reason #3:

Some people are under the impression that if they use Firefox, they can no longer use IE. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, because Firefox uses a different folder for temporary internet files than IE does, you can actually run them both at the same time, even using two different myspace accounts. Pretty handy, eh?

Reason #4:

If you like customizing your myspace profile, you can install some handy "Firefox Extensions" that will make it easier to play with different CSS ideas you may have.

Firefox Extention : ADBLOCK PLUS
Firefox Extention : Web Developer - (Here's a screenshot)
Firefox Extention : IE Tab
Firefox Extention : Linkification
Firefox Extention : Greasemonkey

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