Myspace - Customizing the Calendar

Here are the selectors for the Calendar above your friends list. Some example styles have been provided, but you can style it any way that you want to.

.a {calendar title}
td.text td.text .whitetext12 {font-size:20px; background-color:red; color:white;}
.a {location text}
td.text td td font {font-size:20px; white-space:nowrap; color:red;}
.a {calendar dates}
td.text td td td font {font-size:20px; white-space:nowrap; color:blue;}
.a {view all parenthesis}
.whitelink font {color:green; font-size:20px;}
.a {view all link}
.whitelink .whitelink {font-size:20px; color:yellow;}
.a {links}
td.text td td font a {color:6699cc; font-size:20px; white-space:nowrap;}

Note: if you have added a code that centers your friends and comments, then these selectors may not work.

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