Getting your Calendar to Display

Under Manage Calendar on your homepage, you will find an Options link. click that and then look for the "share with everyone" option and select that. Then, if you have already created some events (most people have by the time they are reading this) then you will also have to edit each individual entry, making them each "shared with everyone" as well.

Note: if you are using code that hides your friends and comments, the only way to get your calender to show up is to use Right Column Generator to hide any combination of friends and comments the new way.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if you set up an event for say, a year in the future, it will not display, so if you are still having troubles getting it to show, set up an event for tomorrow, since the calendar displays only events from this month, next month, and the following month, whereas band profiles have a similar calendar that allows them to display events much more in advance.

If you are merely looking for a code to hide your friends and comments without hiding your calendar, you can use this:

.friendsComments, .friendSpace {display:none;}
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