Band Profile Banner with Links

This isnt really that hard to do, if you know how to do it....

If you want to see first if this is the right code for what you are trying to do, then look at my test page here: test band page profile for test banner with links

Firstly, you need to understand how to edit your band profile in SAFE MODE - on your homepage, there is a link right next to "Edit profile" that says "SAFE MODE" - click that - and then click the EDIT link for your BIO section, and paste in the code below

Now, lets go thru this code and explain it..... because you have to make several adjustments depending on what you are trying to do.

Step One : Firstly, see this URL in the code?

That's the URL for the Top Image - so first, change that URL to the image you are trying to use for the image above the links. Next, write down the height and width of that image, because you have to know how large it is in pixels before you can go on with the next steps.

Step Two : See this part of the code?

.a {create the space at the top}
body {margin-top:200px;}

That "margin-top" number should be AT LEAST equal to the height of the image you are using above, which you should have written down in step 1, so change that next.

Step Three : See this part of the code?

.a {position the topArea div to the top center}
div.topArea {position:absolute; top:10px; left:50%; margin-left:-270px;}

That "margin-left" number is based on how WIDE your top image is.... in my example code, the width of my image is 540px, so to get the number for this step, divide that 540 number by -2, as you can see 540/-2 = -270 - the margin-left number i used in my example - this is very important to get right.

Step Four : See the 3 links i put in that link to google? see how there is an image URL inside of each one? Now you just change those 3 image URL's to whatever you want, and change the link URL's to whatever you want.
Note: you may have to re-adjust the margin-top number in step 2 depending on the height of the images you are using for the links.

That should do it....

Step 1:Go to 'Manage Blog' on your homepage
Step 2:Post a New Blog Entry
Step 3:Enter These 2 Required things, then click the bottom button
Step 4:Confirm the Blog Posting
Step 5:Go Back to Your Homepage, Click Customize Profile at the Top, Then Look for This in the Upper Right Corner
Step 6:Click 'Switch to Profile 1.0'

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