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FriendBurst CSS Codes

For those of you who are wondering what FriendBurst is, it's a fairly new social networking site, very similar to myspace, however, the owner of friendburst actually listens to what the users want, whereas myspace only cares about promoting mainstream media now, because they are losing users and money due to many bad decisions the new owner (Rupert Murdoch) has made over the past year. If you are one of the people who loved myspace's "profile 2.0" - you will love friendburst, as it supports CSS (something myspace gave up on already)

Myspace CSS Codes
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Learn how to Use Profile 3.0
Myspace Profile 3.0 Conversion Wizard
Enabling Myspace Full View
Uploading Animated GIF Pictures and PNG Pictures to Myspace
Finding the Myspace Friend ID
Profile 2.0 Layouts
  Profile Jelly Profile 2.0 Layouts
Nuclear Century Profile 2.0 Layouts Direct 2.0 Layouts
Profile 2.0 Generators
Profile 2.0 Module Manager Profile 2.0 Background Image Generator
Profile 2.0 Image Above Profile Profile 2.0 Contact Buttons
Profile 2.0 CSS Tutorials
XIII Profile 2.0 Overlay Tutorial Spiff Profile 2.0 Codes
Profile 2.0 CSS Code Requests Learning How to Use Profile 2.0
Wrapping Text Around an Image Converting 1.0 Code to 2.0 Code
Profile 2.0 Unclickable Friends List Rounded Corners
Myspace Katamari Universal Generators
Random Image Wizard Remove Annoying Layout Ad Links
Comment Button Generator Posting Code Generator Preferred List Generator
Dropdown Contact Generator Favorites List Generator Dynamic Background Gradients
Pool Ball Text Generator Upside Down Text Generator Crazy Text Generator
use Babel Fish to translate your text into another language Rainbow Text generator
  Funky Text Generator Mini Text Generator
BradBones Text Generator #1 Phrontistery - Myspace Scene Names BradBones Text Generator #2

Quote of the Day
Band/Artist Profile Tutorials
Shan's Band Profile Codes
Artist Player Skin Generator Top Banner with Links
XIII Masthead Banner Generator Custom Artist Profile Overlays
Name and Genre Album Page Link Hide Red Music Bar Hide Last Login
Custom Upcoming Shows Friends and Comments Hide Left Side Sections Hide Myspace URL
Hide Record Label Hide Profile Views Band Profile Top Area Page Sub Headers
Media/Music/Video Related
Adding your Own Music to your Myspace Profile
Small Myspace Player Hide Myspace Playlist Music Player Skins Artist Player Skins
Itunes Help Autostarting Videos Autostarting the Myspace Player Blog Music
Blog Customizing
Myspace Blog Customizing Blog Music

Katamari Profile 1.0 Generators
Katamari Section Manager
Custom Interests Section Custom Details Section
Hide Left Column Generator Background Generator Hide Right Column Generator
Hide Headings Generator Replace Image Generator Updated Comment Box Manager
Overlay Generator DIV Content Generator Table Generator
Default Profile Generator Levi's Premade Overlays  
Katamari Profile 1.0 Layouts
Glam Theme Retro Theme Zodiac Theme Yahoo Theme
Cartoon Theme Stealth Theme Stealth Skinny Theme Scenic Theme
Green Theme Urban Theme Skulls Theme Army Theme
Hide Everything Theme Hide Everything 2 Theme Compact Theme Scroll Entire Right-Side Layout
Scrolling Left Column Centered Large    
Hiding Things in Profile 1.0
Extended Network Blogs Last Login Interests Sections
Details Section Schools Section Networking Section Company Section
Contact Table Friend Space Friends Comments  
Myspace URL Box Myspace Player View Pics and Videos Bottom Links
Mood Icon Meet Section Headline Quotes Groups
Hide Advertisements Viewing Hidden Things
Profile 1.0 Borders
Understanding Borders Image Border Page Border Default Picture Border
Table Image Borders      
Profile 1.0 Calendar Things
Controlling the Calendar Calendar Help Custom Calendar  
Profile 1.0 Overlay/DIV things
Hide Everything DIV Positioning Imageready Slicing Myspace Overlay Forum
Replacing Profile 1.0 Things with a Picture
URL Box Extended Network Image Replace Default Pic Image for Add Comment
Image Name Section Titles Image Above Profile Flash Above Profile
Replace Image/Background Generator
Profile 1.0 Templates
Simple Centered Profile Transparent Tables without Affecting Pictures Advanced Centered Profile
Profile 1.0 CSS Tutorials
Clearing Out Myspace Profile Editor Code
Style Tags Rename About/Meet Pics Next to Each Other Wrap Text Around Image
Paragraph Styling DIV Marquees Image Rollovers CSS Popups
Hover Effects Myspace Table Structure List of Filters Prevent Right Click
Grayscale Pictures Custom Right Headers Prevent Layout Thieves Unclickable Default Picture
7 Different Background Styles Centered MEET Section Fit Videos Into Interests Make Friends SectionShow
RANDOM Last Login Date      
Double Backgrounds Triple Backgrounds
Custom Friends/Comments in Profile 1.0
Center Friends/Comments Change Friends Number Unclickable Friends Custom Default Friends
Names Below Pictures Side By Side Friends/Comments FUCK TOP 8 Buffalo Top 12
Custom Sections in Profile 1.0
Custom Sections Section Backgrounds
Scrolling Things in Profile 1.0
Scrollbox Scroll Friends Only Scroll Comments Only Scroll Friends/Comments
Transparent Scrollbar Scrollbar Colors    
Moving Things in Profile 1.0
Center Default Pic Flipped Page Move Details Move Friends Left
Center Friends/Comments Move Myspace Player Column Positioning Names Below Pictures
Resizing Things in Profile 1.0
Resize Player Resizing Videos Small Friends/Comments Resize Comment Images
Tighten Profile Resize Default Picture    
Profile 1.0 Custom Contact Tables
Dark Contact Tables Gothic Contact Tables Jenn's Contact Tables
Contact Table Images    

This Day in History
Frequently Asked Questions
User Links Image Hovers Myspace Karaoke Questions?
Hearts / Stars / Skullz   Pics in Captions Screen Capturing
Google Gears Myspace Inbox Organizer Get Zune for Myspace
Blocking Myspace on Your Computer to stop your 9 year olds from accessing it
Getting more friends on the mobster app Mars takes picture requests!
  Myspace Band Players in Bulletins and Comments
Video Slider     Myspace Help Blog
  Myspace Weather Widget
Myspace IM Skins/Smileys/Zaps Smiley Jungle Smileys/Zaps
Truth Box/Myspace Apps  
Resign from a Deleted Myspace Group Browser Compatibilities
Favorite Eileen's XIII/VUC Advanced Codes
Eileen Explains the New Myspace Top Div/Navigation Bar Very Advanced Spiff Tutorials
User Player Skin Generator Artist Player Skin Generator
Custom Online Icons Custom Bottom Div Content
RSS Feeds on Myspace
Blog RSS Feed Widget Myspace RSS Feeds
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you can use this for Profile 1.0:

Or, This for Profile 2.0

Common Photoshop/Imageready Tutorials
Parts of a Picture Black and White Blending 2 Pictures Together Glitter Text Smoke Effect
Graphics and Animated GIF's
GIFNinja Lunapic Effects Blibs Animation Factory
Easy GIF Effects Watermarking Images Glitter Maker!
Glitter Images Group   Reflecting Water Animation
  Awesome Graphic Name Generator

In the News
Custom Cursors
Cursors 4 U Boomspeed "All" Cursors
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Firefox / Greasemonkey
Get Firefox Firefox/Adblock Web Developer Greasemonkey
Flash Things
Flash Comments Flash Toys Clickable Flash Dynamic Pictures
Myspace Flash Layouts Flash Profile Help    
Other Things
Name Generators Scene Name Generator Comment Box in SearchBox
Fame Tags Custom Name Nice All Caps
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