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Where are the new Facebook Photo Options?
Updated October 2012
Facebook recently changed the main interface for organizing your pictures.

Click here to read about these changes

If you are trying to change your default picture, hover your mouse over your profile photo, and a little popup chooser will appear... click that to see your options.

If you are looking for all the other options for a picture photo you have uploaded, hover your mouse over the picture, and click the options link, as shown here, and keep in mind that if the photo is not already in your Profile Photos album, you will not be able to keep the likes and comments on the new Profile Picture, as it just makes a copy of it to your Profile Photos album.

If you want to change the date a picture was taken, open the picture, and click on options:

facebook change photo date

If you want to delete the picture, click on options:

facebook delete photo

If you are looking for how to make your photos on Facebook private, read this instead

Facebook Photo Privacy Options

If you are looking for how to move pictures from one album to another, read this

Moving pictures from one album to another

If you are looking for how to rename photo albums, read this

Renaming photo albums

To arrange the order of your albums, go here:


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