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Facebook Activity Log Guide
Updated February 2015

Your activity log serves many purposes. You can use it to quickly hide old statuses you have made in the past, or delete them, you can also use it to UNhide statuses that you had previously hidden.

In addition, it shows you comments that you have made on other peoples' stories/statuses/pictures and will allow you to delete those too, all in one convenient place.

To get there, go to your Timeline, and click on Activity Log.
facebook activity log

Newly added in December of 2012 are the category links on the left as shown below. Use those to quickly find the type of activity that you are trying to find.

If you are new to the activity log page (it changed recently) you will be presented with this wizard. I highly recommend you click "next" instead of "not now" as it will teach you things you may not be aware of.

Also, pay attention to the things in the upper right corner. That checkbox about "only me" needs to be checked if you are trying to find something that you have purposely hidden and you want to unhide it. The year and month links on the far right let you navigate thru things if you only know the approximate date of the thing you are trying to find.

Then you can hide or unhide, or delete things. Keep in mind that you cannot "hide" things like your likes or comments on someone else's profile, because THEY control that, since those things are on their profile, not yours. You can only delete them.
facebook hide post 1

If it's something you liked, you can only unlike it (you cannot hide it from other people because it's not on your profile, it part of someone else's profile or page)

Let's say you changed your cover photo, and you dont want that change event to appear on your Timeline, find that item, and then select for it to be hidden, like this:

Let's say you changed your default profile picture, you have a lot of control over that.
You can hide the change event from your Timeline like this:

Or you can control who sees that event (because it's an event post on your own Timeline) like this:

Another interesting feature is the "Posts You are Tagged In". Why? It's especially useful if you have your privacy settings set up to "approve tags" - a feature on the privacy settings page that makes it so people cannot just tag you in anything and all your friends get notified. You have to review them first before your other friends can see the tag.

This is very handy if you dont want your other friends to get notified when you are tagged in something that is possibly embarrassing

If you "Highlight" a story, it will take the full width of your timeline, so as to draw attention to that item. Think of it like "this one is important".

NOTE: There is NO WAY to view someone else's activity log on facebook. The only activity log you can see is the account you are logged into.

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